“American Outlaw is a raw and unapologetic journey into the world of one of Oklahoma’s most notorious inmates. In sincere and colorful language, Jimmy Maxwell conveys the complex, bewildering – and sometimes terrifying – truth of time spent running from the Law.“

Michael Mason, editor, This Land magazine

“American Outlaw: Price of Pride” is the first book in a non fictional, series on the life of the modern day outlaw Jimmy Maxwell. This autobiographical volume is framed around Jimmy’s MSNBC ‘Lockup’ appearance. “American Outlaw” is a galvanizing adventure of non-stop pulse-pounding action that will take you on a roller-coaster ride through worlds that most people only see on the big screen. Peer through the eyes of Jimmy Maxwell as he takes you behind the violent prison walls and to the top of one of Oklahoma’s most notorious and feared gangs. Be with him when he finally walks out of those cold institutional gates into the free world for the first time in 16 years! And stand with Jimmy – or against him – as the federal marshals go all out… to get him locked back behind them.

Watch Jimmy on MSNBC's Lockup and Investigation Discovery's "I almost got away with it"

You may know him from MSNBC’s Lock Up and the many news accounts of his daring exploits in and out of prison. Soon to be featured on Discovery channel’s “I Almost Got Away With It“. The survivor of 5 different riots, he has escaped incarceration on multiple occasions from prison, jail and reform schools, as well as evading capture from the U.S. Marshals and the States Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force, for months on end. He’s narrowly avoided apprehension and death time and again… from which he now writes books and stories.

“I rolled a couple of times and landed on a knee. There was no time to wonder if I was hurt or not. My mind was focused on the screeching of the officer’s tires as he was sliding to a stop behind my wrecked motorcycle… Where was my gun!?”

Jimmy Maxwell