Karin my love,

Here I lay in my prison cell, my heart full of anguish and my mind in hell.  I don’t know what to do, or what I can say, I am so sorry that you feel this way.

My love for you is strong and true, why does it have to make you blue?

I know it’s hard to love a man, behind prison walls, with nothing but letters and collect telephone calls.

With everyone, out there, that you know, trying to convince you I’m feeding you crow.  Their hard-hearted jealousies are sure to abound, why must they hate the joy you have found?

This relationship is far from perfect… that we know, but we must stand firm to see it grow.

As our amazing love unfurls, I want you to KNOW, that I have no interest in other girls.  My past is my past… of that I’ve let go, and I’m writing this poem, to let the WORLD know.

Karin my love, I hope you can see…  you in my life with me happy and free.
I know that we have a far reaching goal, and I know that my time weighs heavy on your soul.

How can life be, so unfair, this deep love we have, but cannot share.  But what we lack in the physical embrace, we make up with love, trust, honor, and grace.

Many might not understand why you hold on to this dream, as we float down life’s endless stream.  But two souls, who were meant to be together, can withstand the heat and cold and roughest weather.

Karin my love, I hope you can see, me and you in each others arms… happy and free.

Written by Jimmy Maxwell

Jimmy sent this in with his last correspondence, dedicated to Karin.
Copyright 2014 Jimmy Maxwell

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