Happy Birthday Karin

Happy Birthday Karin

Happy Birthday Karin, I wish that I were there,  to hold you. . .to hug you. . . to stroke your long blond hair.

Know that I love you though you are a thousand miles away,

because my soul, my heart, my mind is with you every single day.

You have my heart sure and true,  and each year that passes you will find me standing right here beside you stuck tight like glue. 

I know that loving me sometimes its gotta be hard,  with me halfway across the country stuck on some prison yard.

But I will love no other like I am loving you,  I will hold your heart, protect and cherish it and keep it oh so true.

Karin you are the love that all my life I’ve been searching for,
and someday I promise you that I will walk out this cold steel prison door. 

I will come home to you and keep you warm at night,  I’ll wrap my arms around you and hold you oh so tight.

I love you Karin with all of my heart,  and I will love you in the end as I have from the very start.

You are the one for me of that I’m absolutely sure, I’ve never felt anything quite so deep …so honest… or so pure.

Karin although that I know loving me will have its days. . . its nights, where our hearts feel anguished from a lonely reaching pain,  just remember that each year that passes brings me that much closer to your waiting arms a’gain.

So, happy birthday my love that’s sure and true, and know that it could be the next one that brings me home to you. . .

Happy Birthday Karin

I love you


Written by : Jimmy Maxwell

We appreciate you Karin for sharing this poem with Jimmy Maxwell.net


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