Fight to Live Right

Fight to Live Right

Fight to Live Right

~by Farmer Fred~

Let the truth go spill, and only see the real. Let the deceit unpeal so your soul can heal.  Do you believe in fate, does it ever come late? ..Its such a strange trait, when you knock down the gate.


I pray to the Lord every single day, I ask for a path and He paves me the way.  I try to follow in His steps, one right after one, He shined me with His light and blessed me with His son.


I thank God for this life that He gave to me.  For giving me the strength thru the trials I see.   Back in the day ..I had a doubt He was real, then He showed me the truth ..of what’s beyond these hills.


The light of Christ is a blazing one, there’s a fight to live right and its major son. So I praise the One, because the grace has come, and now I know what He saved me from.

Copyright 2014 FarmerFred

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