Every waking hour, every breath I take, every fight I fight, may seem a little sour.

Here I am again here I make my stand, I call out one more time dear lord . . hope you ll lend a hand.

Jimmy I often picture your face. . the sadness. . .I can feel you so alone . . .So alone once again, stuck in that place.

The look of hopelessness, at times wondering if you have the strength.
But soldiers like us. . .with hearts of gold. . .naturally come with the utmost integrity and the highest rank.

Like a mountain that sits high in the sky, as the soft clouds float around them. . .so beautiful it is, as beautiful as love is, a love so pure so deep,. . never love, when the feelings you get . . . make you feel so cheap.

Most settle for less, but for myself these days I’ll only settle for the best.

Do you ever wonder what you’ve done so wrong, to have to live life this way. . . for so long.

A life we’re so used to, but can you taste that freedom . . a freedom to touch, that feeling just one more time. For one second, it’ll be like a gentle kiss, fresh air passing by you that single time. . . it so pleasant.

I’m thinking of you today. . . as I do for the ones I love, whether up above or in the penitentiary for ever. . . those are the ones I’m always thinking of.

All those once in my life, MY LOVE, FOR LIFE. – Stephanie Starr – Copyright2013S.Starr
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